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Before submitting your guest article, please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that your submission meets our editorial standards and requirements:

Topics: We cover a wide range of topics related to the United States. There are many categories of USA local topics that could be covered in our blog. Here are some examples:

  • Business and entrepreneurship: Local businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of many communities, and there are many opportunities to cover local startups, small businesses, and success stories.
  • Travel and tourism: Many people are interested in exploring their local area or nearby destinations. You could write about local tourist attractions, hidden gems, or day trips within a certain radius.
  • Food and Hotels: Food and drink are popular topics for blogs, and there are many opportunities to cover local restaurants and shops. You could review local eateries, highlight local chefs, or share recipes using local ingredients.
  • Arts and culture: Many cities and towns have vibrant arts and culture scenes, with museums, galleries, theaters, and more. You could cover local artists, musicians, and performers, or highlight upcoming events and exhibitions.
  • History and heritage: Local history and heritage can be fascinating to explore, and there are many opportunities to delve into the stories and traditions that make a community unique. You could write about historic landmarks, local traditions, or notable figures from the area.
  • Sports and recreation: Sports and recreation are an important part of many communities, and there are many opportunities to cover local teams, events, and activities. This could include everything from high school football games to local running clubs.
  • Local news and events: Covering local news and events is a great way to keep readers informed about what’s happening in their community. This could include everything from city council meetings to local festivals and fairs.

These are just a few examples of the many categories of USA local topics that could be covered in our blog. Please ensure that your article is relevant to our readers and fits within one of these categories. If you are still determining whether your topic is a good fit, please contact us first.

Relevance: Please ensure that your article is timely and relevant to current trends in your industry. We prioritize articles that offer a unique perspective or fresh insights on current topics in the United States.

Tone: We strive to maintain a professional and respectful tone on Please refrain from using inflammatory or offensive language, and avoid making personal attacks or defamatory statements.

Length: We prefer articles between 1200-1500 words, but we will consider longer or shorter articles if the content is high-quality and well-written.

Style: Your article should be informative, engaging, and well-written. Please use clear, concise language and avoid jargon or overly technical terms. We prefer articles written in a conversational tone.

Formatting: Please format your article as a Word document or a Google doc. Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make your article easier to read. Please include at least one relevant image or graphic that you have the right to use.

Originality: Your article must be original and not previously published elsewhere. We do not accept articles that have been plagiarized or spun from other sources.

Author Bio: You can include a brief author bio (50-100 words) at the end of your article, along with a headshot or other relevant image. (Not mandatory)

Review Process: All articles are subject to review by our editorial team. We reserve the right to edit your article for clarity, grammar, and style. We may also reject articles that do not meet our editorial standards or are not a good fit for our audience.

Submission: To submit your guest article, please email it to [[email protected]] with the subject line “Guest Article Submission.” Please include your author bio and image(s) as separate attachments. We will respond to your submission within a short time.

Promotion: While we encourage authors to promote their guest articles, please do not use your article as a platform for self-promotion or advertising. We reserve the right to remove any promotional content or links that we deem inappropriate.

Attribution: If you are citing statistics, quotes, or other information from external sources, please provide proper attribution and include links to the original source(s).

Updates: Please note that we may update your article at a later date to reflect changes in the industry or new information that becomes available. After the article is published, we reserve the right to make any changes as per our ownership.

Editing Rights: We reserve the right to edit or remove your article at any time, for any reason.

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Editorial Calendar: We maintain an editorial calendar for upcoming content on If you have a specific topic in mind, please check with us to ensure that it aligns with our editorial calendar.

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