Arizona Travel Guide – Practical Information for Traveling in Arizona

Arizona is a southwestern state in the United States. It was a U.S. territory until it became a state in 1912. Since then, Arizona has remained vital to the nation and continues to catch many travelers’ eyes. The outdoors is part of what draws people to Arizona and this page serves as a practical guide for traveling while visiting Arizona.

It’s no secret that Arizona is a beautiful state to visit. Whether you just want to make the drive from Phoenix to Sedona or even from the Grand Canyon, there is no shortage of attractions here. But, when you plan your trip, it can be easy for distractions to pull you away from what matters most: travel information for getting around Arizona.

ARIZONA ‘s tourism industry literally has one colossal advantage: the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, the most amazing sight in a land of unforgettable geology. Yet other Arizona destinations have a similar emotional impact, thanks to the drama of human involvement in this forbidding yet deeply resonant desert landscape.

Practical Information for Traveling in Arizona

Practical Information for Traveling in Arizona

The state of Arizona is full of awe-inspiring sights, great historical sites, and beautiful natural wonders. It’s no wonder it’s an ideal location for a road trip. It is sure to provide you with a grand adventure that your family and friends will always talk about.

Your trip to Arizona is coming up fast, so you might be wondering what you need to know before leaving home. After all, there is so much to see in Arizona that it’s not hard to get lost there for a few days. I’ve compiled a list of practical information for traveling in Arizona, which will help make your vacation more enjoyable.

Weather in Arizona

Arizona has a particular climate or better it has more than one. The ideal time to travel is September-October, but also April and May. In the border areas with California, the climate is very hot and sunny, it never rains there.

It is different for the areas near the Grand Canyon, so Williams, Flagstaff and surrounding areas, wooded areas; in autumn and spring it is mild, it is hot during the day and very cold at night, in September it can go from 24 degrees during the day to zero at night, precipitation is possible here. The same strong range for the “painted desert”, the eastern areas, where it is not at all hot at night. So for a trip to Arizona take mixed clothes.

Arizona Geography

Arizona is a federated state located in the southwestern United States, bordering New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Mexico, and a very small portion of Colorado (at the Four Corners). Its capital is Phoenix, a city with more than 1,320,000 inhabitants, which is also the most populous center in the state; other major cities include Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, and Kayenta, near the Navajo Nation, the largest Indian reservation in the US.

Certainly, Arizona is famous not so much for its cities as for its incredible natural resources: the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelley, Glen Canyon, the Painted Desert, and much more.

How to get to Arizona?

There are several ways to get to Arizona, we are talking about flights, of course; you decide where you prefer to go:

Phoenix: you can book a flight to the capital, quite a cheap route but in which you have to make stops (minimum 1); the advantage is the low rates for this city (you have to book online…), the drawback is that Phoenix is ​​located “too central” in the state and makes it more difficult to start the tour by car or motorcycle.

Los Angeles: Often the visit to Arizona is combined with that of other states such as California, but also with that of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah… Lax fares are quite easy and with a car at your disposal, the trip will not be very long.

Las Vegas: is undoubtedly a good starting point to visit Arizona, since the most illuminated city in the world is very close to the border (it is in Nevada) and from there you can visit the Leak Mead National Park. PS Remember to have all the necessary documentation to enter the US!!!

Forget luxury hotels (but who wants them then…) and get ready for an adventure: you, the car, and infinity. The ideal number of participants is 4 because motels in the US have all rooms the same size. The advice is to stay in large chain motels, which, unlike the others, guarantee particular hygiene and standard treatment. The best is, without a doubt, the Motels 6 for their quality and incredibly low prices; then there are the Days Inns, then the Travelodges, and finally the Best Westerns, but these are real hotels and they cost more. Arizona hotels.

What to Eat in Arizona?

The problem of food on vacation is always a big cross for us Italians; don’t expect to find Terence Hill and Bud Spencer eating beans, but rather fast food and diners. If you want to wisely avoid the various McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s, my advice is to eat at Denny’s or Jbc which are big chain restaurants that offer cheap edible food ($12 a coke and steak). Instead, you can eat quietly in the indigenous areas, in the northeast, where you will find many small dining rooms run by natives; They will surely not look kindly on you, but their pancakes and chilies are excellent.

What to See in Arizona?

What to See in Arizona

Arizona has a long and rich history, dating all the way back to when it was still part of Mexico. Many of the state’s historical places are listed in this article. From notable landmarks and museums to beautiful natural wonders, you’ll know what to see in Arizona once you read up on these.

Arizona is a great place to visit when you want to feel the spirit of history and adventure. The great parks, cactus forests, and monuments are here, so take your time and explore!

Grand Canyon National Park

One of the most impressive creations of mother nature, hundreds of kilometers of gorges, is the most important example of the phenomenon of fluvial erosion. The entire park covers an area of ​​more than 4,931 km², while the canyon is 446 km long with a depth of 1,600 m and a width of up to 29 km.

As soon as you park the car, you will approach the shore (the southern one is in Arizona) and you will guess that behind some tree there is something incredible but nothing, neither photos nor words can minimally describe what you will feel at the sight of this wonder, you will be breathless. Once in the park, you can choose to participate in various organized excursions. You can go quad biking through the woods or see it all with a helicopter tour (which isn’t particularly cheap).

In any case, go to the excursion center in the main town, where there are also several restaurants, and choose your excursion. It is very nice to go down to the bottom of the gorge, along the banks of the Colorado River. PS Be careful not to do anything stupid!!!

Monument Valley Tribal Park

Imposing rocks rise up in the red desert. Monument Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Everyone has seen it in movies or photos; Located northeast of the Grand Canyon, you’ll love its endless landscapes and fuchsia-colored sunsets.

The entrance to the park costs 5 USD per person and is valid for a whole day; With the car, you will enter the monument where you can admire the rocks up close, you will feel like in a western movie. We are in the Navajo Nation and only Indians live in these areas. My advice is to sleep in Kayenta, one of the few towns near the monument, a place literally lost outside of civilization. Hotel prices are higher than average, also because there are three motels: the Best Western offers a rich breakfast.

Antelope canyon

Near Page is this incredible canyon that is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing wonders of Arizona. It can only be accessed with excursions organized by the natives who manage the park. Tours to Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon can be booked on the spot. In the event of a storm, the park may not be open. We recommend visiting during the hours when the sun is high, to better enjoy the infiltration of light in the canyon.

Horseshoe Bend

There are many things in Arizona that can take your breath away, one of them is undoubtedly the Horseshoe Bend, a very special section of the Colorado River characterized by its “horseshoe” shape. Follow the trail that starts near Page and climb up to the bend – an amazing sight.

Canyon de Chelly National Park

Practically on the border with New Mexico, in the eastern part of Arizona, is this rock formation that is definitely worth a visit. The park is managed by the Serice National Park.

Hoover dam

Those who come from Las Vegas and go to the Grand Canyon (or vice versa), are on their way with this immense dam that rises in the Black Canyon along the course of the Colorado River, on the border between Arizona and Nevada. Thanks to the dam, the beautiful Lake Mead has been artificially created.

Lake Mead

The artificial lake formed by the Colorado River is the site of an imposing dam, the impressive Hoover Dam. It is very close to Las Vegas, as it is located on the border between southern Nevada and Arizona.

Saguaro National Park

Do you know the boundless wastelands with cacti rising up everywhere? In the middle of the Sonoran desert, in southern Arizona, is this beautiful park that will provide you with postcard sunsets in the nature of Arizona.

Sabino Canyon

Often overlooked, the Sabino Canyon is a fascinating area, perfect for hiking and enjoying beautiful views. It is located near Tucson.

Pleasant Lake

Another popular destination for vacationers is the lake is situated on the border between Maricopa and Yavapai counties.

Lake Havasu

A lake that is one of the most popular family entertainment areas in all of Arizona. It is also famous for housing the old London Bridge (!!).

Havasu Falls

When you visit the Grand Canyon, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Havasu Falls, which rise within Havasu Canyon on the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

Lake Powell/Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The result of a dam, the Glen Canyon Dam, the area is an endless succession of canyons emerging from the emerald waters of Lake Powell. A wonderful place, with magical colors especially in the last hours of the day.

Petrified National Forest Together with the Painted Desert they form one of the most picturesque areas in all of Arizona, a forest formed by stones that rise in the middle of nowhere. Stop to admire the amazing pastel colors of the Painted Desert

Cities, towns, monuments

The Four Corners (with Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) It is the meeting point of 4 states: Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado; it is located in the extreme northeast of Arizona and from there you can already see the snow-capped peaks of Colorado.


The New Age capital of the world is a must-see. Built literally in the middle of the red rocks of central Arizona, it has always been a favorite vacation destination for America’s wealthy.


It may not be the most beautiful city in the world, but it is certainly the only metropolis in Arizona: a city that is alive and very industrious. Not to be missed is the old town of nearby Scottsdale and South Mountain National Park, the largest urban park in the US.

Kingman, Williams, and Flagstaff

An interesting trio of cities for several reasons: they are all quite close to the Grand Canyon. Kingman is famous because Route 66 passes through it, while Flagstaff is home to one of the most important astronomical observatories in the US It is one of the areas with the highest number of UFO sightings.


An old mining town from the days of the gold rush, today Bisbee is a place that has known how to renew itself without forgetting its history. One of the few examples of a modern western city.

Historical Places in Arizona

Historical Places in Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. Arizona has so many historical sites, and places with a significant impact on the state’s history and culture. There are less than 400 historic sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places only, but you will find thousands of other historic places in Arizona which have less impact as national landmarks but are still worth visiting. We’re going to cover most major cities and U.S. landmarks but there are some wonderful little-known destinations too.

Here’s a list of some historical places to visit when traveling around Arizona.


A ghost town of the old west: I can tell you that Bodie, in California, is much more interesting, but if you are on your way…


To fully revive the atmosphere of the old west, do not miss this absurd city that allows you to relive the days of saloons and gunslingers.

Tumacácori National Historical Park

A park that collects the ruins of a Spanish Mission, and then churches and sacred buildings in ruins. If you are passing through, go there because it wonderfully tells the life of the Spanish missionaries

Final Word

The weather in Arizona is hot and dry, with an average high temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit (on average it’s between 66-77 degrees Fahrenheit). Like many other states bordering the warm Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, Arizona can receive up to six inches of rain per month during the monsoon season from June through September. Arizona averages 263 sunny days per year compared to 814 rainy days which can make for some unexpectedly rainy weather conditions during a visit.

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